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Our ContactCard™ is the last business card you'll ever need because over its lifetime, it will replace thousands of outdated and expensive paper cards that all eventually all end up in the trash. You will never have to design, order, print, replenish or hand out another old fashioned paper business card again. Simply "tag" or tap your ContactCard™ to the back of most Android and newer iOS smart phones. With a tap, your information is added to their contacts app along with any additional info that you wish to share.
You’ve probably been in this situation before…  You want to share your business card with someone but, you forgot to replenish your stock of cards.
Not having a physical card quickly available can be embarrassing and carrying a large number of business cards can be uncomfortable and impractical.
With the new ContactCard™ you'll never be embarrassed or unprepared ever again...
For even faster sharing, use our rugged ContactCoin™ that sticks to the bottom of your phone and is always available to "tag" or tap another cellphone or try our convenient Key-Fobs to share your information.
Older cellphones without NFC  availability can quickly scan the QR Code on your ContactCard™ and retrieve and store the same information in the identical format.

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Our Interactive Medical Alert Card is the newest way to share your medical information in a fast, efficient, ecological and touch free Covid-Safe manner. When paramedics "tag" your Medical Alert Card to the back of their phone, your medical profile instantly appears in an easy to read text format that opens seamlessly on most modern cellphones.  No special apps or software are required.


During an emergency, EMS personnel simply:

Hold your Medical Alert Card to the back of any Android and most newer iOS smart-phones OR scan the QR Code on the rear of your card. Instantly, your full medical  profile in text or pdf format opens on their cellphone.


Our dynamic Subscription Plan allows you to update your Medical Alert Card as often as you deem necessary which will quickly provide EMS personnel with your complete and up-to-date medical profile!


There is no limit to the amount of medical data that we can store on your "dynamic" Medical Alert Card because all of the data is stored on an internet server. Think of your digital Medical Alert Card as your own private and personal mini-webpage.


Our rugged & waterproof Medical Alert Card has a QR Code printed on the rear as backup access to your profile and the Medical Alert Card has a longevity of over ten years and thousands of "tags".

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Our Smart Cards and Tags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and all products perform identically. Our state-of-the-art ContactCard™ easily replaces thousands of paper business cards over your life time.

Our Miniature ContactCard™ is a smaller version, permitting discreet concealment while providing the same features.

Our plastic waterproof Key-Fobs also perform perfectly as Lost Pet Tags and can be used on key chains or attached to your pet's collar. We also offer stylish leather Key-Fobs for that classic look.

Our ContactCoin™ is the size of a quarter and has a 3M adhesive backing. Simply attach the ContactCoin™ to the back of your cellphone or any object to quickly tag and share your information.


Our Thinny/Tokens are a dime-sized tag that can be inserted or hidden inside a wide variety of items including purses, behind cellphone cases and they can also be securely attached using glue or double sided 3M tape.

Our ContactBand™  is a super supple wristband that adjusts to fit most sizes. Its waterproof design is made from soft and durable high-quality silicone.

​Our weather resistant NFC Stickers also have an adhesive backing and come with a large capacity memory compatible with most modern Smart Phones.

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